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The Creative Team

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Composer and Editor

Luis Carlos Davis is an award wining film director/producer. Davis was chosen as 2010 Man of the Year of Southern Arizona. He was recently selected by the Spanish Embassy and Fundacion Carolina as one of the fifteen Hispanic leaders from the United States to visit Madrid, Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastian to learn about the culture, politics, economics and social issues of Spain and explore the international relationship between the U.S and Spain. His film projects have been exhibited in Mexico, the U.S, Chile, Colombia, and Europe.

He was born and raised in the border towns of Ambos Nogales, also known as the twin sisters of Nogales, Sonora and Arizona. His life is a product of two countries, two cultures, and two languages. LuisCarlos' current work includes the productions of two documentaries, one set in Mexico and the other in Arizona. He is also writing two screenplays with the working titles of "El Hoyo" and Gaspar.

Associate Producer

Jennifer L. Jenkins, Ph.D. teaches courses in U.S. and Mexican film history, theory, and aesthetics at the University of Arizona. Committed to film preservation and cultural heritage, Dr. Jenkins is working to develop an archive of amateur and locally-made films about the Arizona-Sonora borderlands.

Associate Producer

Ilan Ziv has been a pioneer in the United States developing a new kind of television documentary in which ordinary people working in collaboration with professionals are producing personal records of their lives. Ilan Ziv produced and co produced “Video Diaries” with the BBC, ARD, Israeli Television, IKON (Dutch TV), PBS (US) and Channel 4 in the UK.


Tony Gallego has over 12 years of media production experience ranging from independent film to broadcast television. Tony has worked in pre-production and production but most of his experience is in post-production, mainly editing and sound design. He is co-owner of Sierra Moon Productions LLC in Tucson, Arizona and also works in the Media Services Department for University of Arizona.

3D Animation, Motion Graphics, and Website

Andrew McCabe has a Master's degree in Media Arts from the University of Arizona and works full-time for the Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR) at the U of A. He is the evening supervisor of OSCR's multimedia labs, assisting students, faculty, and staff with multimedia projects and teaching workshops in multimedia software.


Gary Mackender is an accomplished songwriter, accordionist and drummer residing in Tucson, Arizona. His band, the Carnivaleros, (carnivaleros.com) just released their third CD of which one of the cuts, "Alejandro", is woven into the documentary. Mackender is also a visual artist (olpuebloboy.com) who is employed by the University of Arizona as a virtual reality photographer.



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