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Bold Storyteller Gives Voice to Border Issues


U of A Feature
image © University of Arizona External Relations | Marketing

Luis Carlos Davis, UA alumnus and award-winning director of the film “389 Miles: Living the Border,” recently received the honor of being named Tucson’s “40 Under 40 Man of the Year.” Raised in the cities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Davis dedicates his voice to putting a human face on border issues and improving the lives of the region’s at-risk youth. - Read More...

389 Miles Director Luis Carlos Davis named "Man of the Year" by Arizona Daily Star


man of the year

Telemundo - Al Rojo Vivo with Maria Celeste

huffington post

Hey Arizona: What About the Chinese and the Russians?

ROSTRO HISPANO...La frontera desde un lente nítido - bajoelsol.com

HISPANIC FACE ... The border from a clear lens (English Translation)

'389 Millas Viviendo la Frontera' será exhibida en San Luis R.C. - bajoelsol.com

389 Miles “Living the Border” will be screened in San Luis RC (English Translation)

389 Miles Film Festival in the Desert Screening

Award-Winning director/producer LuisCarlos Davis feature documentary 389 Miles "Living the Border" has been selected for its Sonora, Mexico premiere screening the 27th of February at the 2010 Film Festival at the Desert.

Film Festival in the Desert Website

University of Arizona Center For Latin American Studies New Story

National Collegiate Leadership Conference

389 Miles "Living the Border" film was screened at the National Collegiate Leadership Conference at the University of Arizona during the month of February 2010. For more information visit the festival’s web page.




389 Miles "Living the Border" film will be screening at the Cine + Mas San Francisco Latin Film Festival during the month of November 2009. For more information visit the festival’s web page.


Luis Carlos Davis presented 'The Making of 389 Miles "Living the Border"' as part of the Migration Dialogues Speaker Series for the Binational Migration Institute on Oct 7, 2009.

Migration Dialogues Flyer

389 Miles “Living the Border” film screening at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

The Carnivaleros - Alejandro: 389 Miles Music Video

Luis Carlos Davis: A Closer Look

by Lauren Hillery

Tv Azteca Interview: (Spanish)

Parte 1 | Parte 2

Canal 3 Television Interview: (Spanish)

Canal 3:

Tucson Weekly:

T Q&A with LuisCarlos Davis

La Estrella de Tucsón:

Recibe nogalense premio en Festival de Cine (Spanish)

Border Beat:

A Life Divided

Nogales International

Mexico film festival: Audience loves ‘Living the Border’ Receives Golden Iguana award

389 Miles Wins Audience Award for Best Film at Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival!

Ocho Culumnas News Article (Spanish)

Vallarta Opina News Article (Spanish)

El Occidental News Article (Spanish)

Photo by: Gary Mackender

389 Miles: Official Selction for International Film Festival in Guadalajara

389 Miles on Guadalajara International Film Festival official website



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