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389 Miles: “Living the Border”

The Entire Movie Now Available on Youtube!

        Instead of trying to market it and recover my investment, I have decided to open to the public my film 389 Miles "Living the Border" internationally level, through social networks and other media outlets, because of a conversation I had with my mother Mariana. She told me that financial rewards come when the time is right, but if I release this project, I could be saving lives and that is priceless. She told me I should be brave and jump over any obstacles so that 389 Miles can reach people from all walks of life, from big cities to small towns all over the world and raise awareness of lives at risk. She said you can always do commercial film in the future, but 389 Miles does not belong to you anymore; it belongs to the world.

        I have been able to present my work in various international stages. I have presented my work at a variety of academic and professional venues such as leadership conferences, medical schools, and journalism, media arts, and communication departments, movie theaters, religious centers, film festivals, jails, juvenile centers, and alternative schools, all places where people come from different backgrounds and beliefs. After this conversation with my mother, I knew she could not be more right; my film is for everybody to view and share with other without commercial use. It is time for 389 Miles to fly as high as possible and take its life of its own.

LuisCarlos Davis
Film Director/Producer

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“Luis Carlos Davis is a voice you've never heard, with stories that seem incomprehensible. He has now become the first-ever filmmaker to gain the confidence of a coyote -- those faceless smugglers who charge exorbitant fees to cross people over the border into the United States, and his film is, unbeknownst to most Americans, at the heart of this immigration controversy.”


389 Miles Director Luis Carlos Davis named "Man of the Year" by Arizona Daily Star

Somewhere along the Arizona-Mexico border, in a house that is less than a mile from the fence, Chuy, a human smuggler, agreed to be a participant in 389 Miles “Living the Border”. He had two conditions: first, only the camera assistant and I would know about the interview and second, I would provide him with assurance that his face would be covered. Fortunately, I remembered my brother Armando’s Blue Demon (Mexican wrestler) Mask and quickly procured it. During the interview he talked about the life experiences which influenced him to become a human smuggler and the corruption on both sides of the border. Finally, he described how he had witnessed as a young boy playing in his neighborhood right next to the border fence, a mother losing her fetus as she jumped from the top and her husband missed catching her. That is one of the reasons why he will never smuggle children into the U.S. When the interview ended, Chuy got up, said good-bye and left. To this day, I have never seen Chuy or my brother’s Blue Demon mask.

- Luis Carlos Davis, Director

389 Miles “Living the Border” is a great and successful effort to capture the diverse and complex nature of the migration issue along the US-Mexico border. Its multilayered approach makes it a unique and valuable document.

- Raúl López Echeverría, Director of Centro Superior de Producción Cinematográfica


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